at the bottom of it all…

. . . I am a woman of faith.  Jim Rohn points out in his article, Action v. Self-Delusion, that there is a “very thin line between faith and folly.”   While I don’t agree with everything Jim has to say, I absolutely do agree that faith is too often used as passive, powerless belief – without subsequent action.  I’ve had too many frustrated, faith-filled clients ask me some variation of the question “when do I stop believing and start taking things into my own hands.”  Wow! It’s a stark and challenging question.  My answer?  I say, faith is NOT synonymous with complacency.  On the contrary, God has given each one of us great powerful gifts, knowledge, wisdom, talents, abilities.  We are challenged to seek out the most purposeful use of those collective gifts and USE them – take action.

And it is not just random action that we are to take.  I believe God gives us each a vision that calls on those gifts.  That vision can take as many different forms as there are gifts… a new family discipline, a business venture, an outreach initiative, a personal mission, a community program… and so on.  The realization of that vision is often the mechanism through which we are a blessing to others and through which we are blessed.  Because we serve a merciful God, I also believe He provides the resources to each one of us to achieve that vision.  There is practically an endless supply of resources both within ourselves and surrounding us.   reThink Success was built and operates daily on these foundational beliefs in faith, vision and action.  We have had the privilege of serving as a resource to God-given visions all around us.  We are blessed and I believe have been a blessing.

Faith and action are not a trade off.   I, we, challenge you to understand your gifts, develop them with diligence, prayerfully devise a plan based on their purpose, your vision and GO.  Take action – move –  trust that doors will close and opportunities will appear.  Taking action doesn’t mean letting go of faith nor does it mean that you’re taking things out of God’s hands.  It can simply mean that we are acting responsibly and accountably according to the gifts we’ve received.  Take faith-inspired action toward your vision – for yourself – your family – your business.

… faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. (James 2:17)